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Interview with Juliet Simms from Automatic LOVELETTER

By Leah Sarah Pritchett
Photo credit: Liana Minassian

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       Hold on to your hats and buckle up because Juliet Simms, front woman of Automatic Loveletter, is about to you take you on the wildest rollercoaster ride! The 22-year-old, petite, light-eyed blonde has become an idolized rock ‘n’ roll diva across the nation.

       At the age of 4, Simms was rocking out to Billy Joel’s album The Stranger – and that’s when she knew she wanted to be a musician. Simms grew up in a musically- diverse household in Tampa. (She was actually born in L.A. and moved to Florida when she was about 10.)

       "You know, it’s quite an advantage to be born into a family that is very musically driven. I mean I was always exposed to all types of music, I love it. I love music!" Simms said.

"The most outrageous show was in Chicago while we were on Warped Tour. We played for more than 2,000 kids and they actually were singing all of our songs!"
-Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms of Automatic LOVELETTER

       About six years ago, Simms wanted to start a band, so she immediately told her brother, Tommy Simms, to play bass and then contacted Daniel Currier, their drummer, to join up.

       "I knew I wanted to be in a band, and start a band, I never really wanted a solo career. I told my brother, 'Let’s do this, let’s start a band,'" she said. "We were signed to an indie label and just started doing little gigs. Band members came and left, until we finally found our fit with our current members."

       Once Automatic Loveletter was fully a band, they were offered a couple of dates on the Vans Warped tour, playing a smaller, unknown stage, Smart Punk. Simms shared with me that Kevin Lyman, creator of Vans Warped Tour, would watch their performances almost everyday, and he knew there was talent. Lyman quickly moved them over to the Hurley stage, bumping them in between sets of widely-known bands like Mayday Parade and All Time Low. Warped Tour allowed Automatic Loveletter to gain an unbelievable amount of fans.

       "The most outrageous show was in Chicago while we were on Warped Tour. We played for more than 2,000 kids and they actually were singing all of our songs! I mean they started crowd surfing," Simms said. "We knew this was huge when we saw this. I had to jump into the crowd. The security guards had to hold me because the crowd was just pulling me in. It was the most amazing experience."

Juliet Simms of Automatic LOVELETTER
Photo by Liana Minassian

       Beyond their amazing live performances, Simms can write some pretty emotional lyrics. Their EP, Recover, which was inspired by her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, allowed her to express and vent the hardest time of her life.

       "You know I was really depressed when my ex broke up with me. I just wrote away without thinking, just letting it all out. Funny thing is we are really good friends now and he knows most of the songs off this EP were for him." She added, "He is probably the biggest Automatic Loveletter fan."

       Simms has also been asked by bands such as Cartel to lend her vocals to their albums. Besides her musical career, she is known for her huge interest in fashion, which explains why she has such an awesome sense of style.

       "I always go online and look for new things to experiment with. I actually watch high fashion runway shows and pick up things from there," she said.

Juliet Simms of Automatic LOVELETTER
Photo by Liana Minassian

       Simms also added that she is constantly doing something to her hair every three months.

       "It’s impossible for me to keep the same hair!" she said giggling.

       Her own manager was so impressed with her individuality that he contacted the creator of Skelanimals clothing to come and check her out. The creator loved her so much that Simms quickly became a new model for the clothing line and helped promote Automatic Loveletter.

       Automatic Loveletter is moving on up and making a huge splash into the rock genre. So Hayley Williams, move over, you’ve got nothing on Juliet Simms. Without a doubt, she’s taking the crown for being the badass rock star she was destined to be.

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