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Interview with Darwins Waiting Room
"In The ROOM"

By: Holly Castillo

     Fans have been patiently waiting since 2001 for Darwin's Waiting Room to release their follow-up CD to Orphan. Their new CD Apology Accepted hits stores soon, and I was fortunate enough to get the inside scoop on the upcoming album from DWR's emcee, Grimm.

     The good news is that it is incredible. The band is now tighter than ever and they're much more focused and experimental. The bad news? Well, if you're looking for Orphan II you're out of luck. "This is the next step for Darwin's Waiting Room. The album is a little heavier than the last record, but there's just as much emotion and feeling; it's a real record," stated Grimm.

     Grimm's inspirations for writing on the new record seem to be nothing but pure emotion and feeling; "people that I meet or hear about on the news…things that affect me, and affect other people, things that cause me to feel things and cause other people to feel things. Most of the album has a certain vibe to it, a darker vibe, a more depressing, angry vibe," he explains. "We inspire each other. The guys in the band are always pushing me to do what I do and do it better every time. I've always been influenced by old school hip hop…and my mother, she was a singer, so she pushes me, for my dream to do what I do.

     As any artist, he likes to have a certain atmosphere to be able to write, and to be able to concentrate. "I love having coffee with me. I'm a coffee freak. Coffee is a huge friend of mine when it comes to writing. I can type on a computer or write on a pad, doesn't matter to me. But I do like it to be real quiet. I'll go to, like, a Borders and just write sometimes, too."

     Of course, every person dreams, and Grimm has big dreams. Darwin's Waiting Room had the opportunity of a lifetime when they went overseas to Japan. "Japan was amazing. Life changing. It was unbelievable… just open-minded, non judgmental…the crowd didn't move a lot, but they watched and paid attention." Grimm even got a chance to intern on Howard Stern in New York. "I was production assistance. I did a lot of legwork. I helped him with his book [Private Parts], running rough drafts to his editor. It was an awesome experience, I've always dreamed of doing radio; it's always been a passion of mine. Howard is so fucking great. His on-air personality isn't that much different from his normal personality. He has so much respect for people."

      Darwin's Waiting Room has been one of the biggest influences on local bands in South Florida, and will continue to be. Their music will always be unique and remarkable. Grimm's story, along with the rest of the guys from DWR, has an almost Cinderella-esque quality. They rose to the top, and hopefully will stay there for a long time.


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